Welcome to Executive Sponsorship!


The Executive Sponsorship Program is a global, one-to-one sponsoring relationship that connects employees with director level leaders and above in the organization to develop critical leadership skills. Executive Sponsorship helps you gain opportunities for exposure and foster powerful alliances across corporate ladder rungs. 

Join us now in the Executive Sponsorship Program to gain confidence to tackle short and long-term goals, create opportunities for stretch assignments, and catalyze your career. Take the plunge in furthering your leadership development by joining today!

Why be a Sponsor?

The primary role of the Sponsor is to open doors for the talent and to introduce opportunities for exposure, to demonstrate to a different or higher-level audience what that talent can bring to the company.

Why be Sponsored?

You can have one-one-one internal leadership development and gain the confidence necessary to tackle short and long-term goals, take stretch assignments, and catalyze your career. 

  • “A Sponsor's authority allows them to speak to your strengths, make cases for your advancement, and be heard in your absence. Where a Mentor may help you envision your next position, a Sponsor will lever open that position for you.” - Patricia Fili-Krushel
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