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A Community is a peer-to-peer learning format that connects you with others in the organization who share common interests or learning objectives, and allows you to learn together as a group. Communities help you create organizational relationships and networks, drive career development goals, build key skillsets, expand organizational knowledge and increase functional expertise.

Join a Community, or several, to start developing personal and professional relationships with others in the organization who can help you learn and grow. If you're looking for community and guidance, you'll find actively participating in a Community to be a rewarding experience.

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Why become a community lead?

  • SOLVE a challenge you and others are experiencing by creating a Community
  • GAIN facilitation skills through ownership of the Community 
  • GROW through peer support and exploration of ideas

Why become a member?

  • SUPPORT others who have similar interests or are trying to solve similar challenges
  • LEARN from the success of others across the energy value-chain
  • GROW through peer support and exploration of ideas

I think there are things that we can all do to build resilience in ourselves, but also to build resilience in each other. - Sheryl Sandberg

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